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Join us for our first ever AD camp meeting! This is a very special event as we will be dedicating the new facility to the service of the Lord. Come and be a part of the new chapter of AD history!

AD speakers such as Walter Veith, Walt Cross and Dan Gabbert will be presenting current, timely messages from where we are in the stream of time, to how to have a closer walk with God in this time of earth’s history!

Guest speaker Phodidas Ndamyumugabe will also be presenting his faithful testimony of how God led him through his life!

Join us first hand to see some of the projects that AD has on the horizon as well as future plans for new projects!

Register now for the faith-filled, Bible based event!

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Our Speakers

We are happy to announce some speakers presenting at this camp meeting.

Walter Veith

Walter Veith

Professor Walter J. Veith has traveled widely throughout North America and the world presenting his seminars to large enthusiastic crowds. The information presented is based on his in-depth research in the areas of evolution/Creation, health and diet, and Bible prophecy.

Walt Cross

Walt Cross

With his wide background in medicine Walt Cross has blessed many with his presentations on natural remedies for common ailments. Walt Cross promotes healing the body the natural way through the 8 laws of health and with the herbs of the field that God has provided for us.

Dan Gabbert

Dan Gabbert

Dan and his wife Patsy are currently practicing Biblical Response Therapy® as mental/spiritual health coaches for the Black Hills Health and Education Center.

Phodidas Ndamyumugabe

Phodidas Ndamyumugabe

In 1994, Phodidas lost his entire family to death, however through the miraculous hand of God he was spared. After that GOD gave him the oportunity to forgive and preach to the ones who had killed his family. He studied at Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies where he earned his Ph.D in 2006.

Getting Here: Drive or Fly!

There are multiple ways of getting to AD. One option is to drive. We are about 5.5hrs north of the Canadian/ US border.

Another option is to fly. There is an airport in Williams Lake that connects from Vancouver International. You can fly to Vancouver and then connect to Williams Lake from there.

We suggest that should you wish to fly, you book your flight to arrive in Vancouver and then on a separate itinerary book a flight to Williams lake. This is often cheaper.

There are two airlines that fly in: Pacific Coastal Airlines and Coast Mountain Air. Either is good, just choose the flight that best suits you for timing. Remember that you need time to get from your flight into Vancouver to your connecting flight to Williams Lake. You will have to clear customs, claim your bags, change terminals and check in for your connecting flight a minimum of 45min before departure. Be sure to leave enough time for that. We recommend 3 to 4 hours between flights but situations may vary. Note that you will depart from South Terminal to get to Williams Lake. There are shuttles that leave Main Terminal every 15 minutes.

Car rentals are available at the Williams Lake airport. Be sure to book ahead to ensure there is a car available for you.

For people coming from other countries outside of Canada, you will require a valid passport. US visitors must have a valid passport or an enhanced driver's licence.

If you are flying in and staying at a hotel, we recommend hiring a taxi to get from the airport to the hotel, should you wish to not rent a car.

Town Taxi 250-392-4151

Rate $38 - $45 (airport to hotels in town)

Williams Lake Taxi 778-267-2002

Rate $35 - $45 (airport to hotels in town)

To get from town to AD's property, AD is offering a service to drive those who are staying in hotels in Williams Lake to AD.

The shuttle will pick up between 7:30am and 8:30am each morning and leave AD at 8:45pm each day.

If you would like to request transport please fill out the registration form. Closer to the event we will post the exact times that you will be picked up from your specific hotel.

Please be ready and waiting outside at this time. The shuttle service will be $50/per person for the entire event (12 trips)

For those who would like to use public transit around town here is a link to the routes:

Dugan Lake Ranch

3222 Horsefly Road, British Columbia - Canada


There are multiple other campgrounds all around AD’s property as well. The closest one is directly across the lake, a seven-minute drive from AD.

Some campsites are by reservation and others are first come first serve.

We suggest deciding on a campground that you like and reserving a spot a well in advance or making the necessary arrangements to arrive early to claim your spot.

Hotels are available for those who do not wish to camp, The nearest town with hotels is Williams Lake.

We recommend booking well in advance to ensure availability.

There is also an RV rental place in 150 Mile House – 15min away from AD. Should you wish to rent an RV you are able to do so CLICK HERE

Amazing Discoveries has a few spots available for people who would like to camp. Shower houses and washrooms will be provided. We do not have any RV hookups, so for RV's you are welcome to stay onsite, however we do not have any hookup/ dump facilities.

There are limited spots available at AD, so if you would like to reserve a spot please fill out the form below.


For tenters: $60.00 (all 6 nights).

For RV's: $80.00 (for 6 nights).

Showers are $2 per use.

$12/per night

Campsites are limited at the campground and are given on a first come first serve basis only. We suggest you come well in advance to ensure a campsite nearby.


No showers (you can use the showers on AD’s property) for a fee of $3 per person/ per day.

No wifi

Ph: 250-296-4352

$30.00/night for RVs

$20.00/night for tents

Full washrooms and showers available for guests only.



Covered Picnic area

Fire Pits

3 acre field available for tents only

Ph: 250-398-6718

$31.00/ night for 30amp service RV

$37.00/ night for 50amp service RV

$20.00/ night for tents

Weekly rate - Stay 7 days only pay for 6





Meal details


Amazing Discoveries is offering lunch each day.All meals will be fully vegan, however if you have any allergy concerns, such as gluten please specify.

We will do our best to have options for you, however if you have specific needs we suggest bringing your own food.

Breakfast and Dinner will be on your own each day.

Please specify how many meals you would like to participate in the meals in your registration.

Meal ticket for lunch costs $ 6 /per person.

Payment for meals must be paid to AD before Sabbath hours and will be due upon registration at AD onsite.

Supplies and Groceries

Should you need any supplies or groceries before or during the camp meeting, the nearest town with supplies is Williams Lake, 25min away.

AD will also have a small supply of simple basics should you wish to purchase something you forgot. The store will be open at specific times and will not be open on Sabbath or during seminars.


We are looking for people willing to help us facilitate this event!

If you are able and willing to volunteer for the following positions please specify on your registration form.

Kitchen Helper- We have 3 vegan chefs coming from Europe to help us with this event, however they will need help! If you are willing to help us in the kitchen for meal prep and/or clean up please let us know!

Parking Flaggers - We will need people helping direct the flow of traffic each morning and evening. If you are able to help us with this please let us know!

First Aid - If you are a trained paramedic or have extensive first aid training please let us know.

Music - If you are able to play an instrument or sing and you are interested in leading out in song service or special music, please upload a file of your music and we will let you know if we can fit you in.

Other - If you don't mind helping anywhere and don't have a preference, please let us know!