Revelation 14 depicts the most solemn and important message ever to be given in this world. It tells of three angels sounding a solemn proclamation to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people. God has commanded that all must hear this truth, but what does it mean? Who are these Angels giving this solemn message and when did they proclaim it? What is their message? Do you know the truths given?

For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not.” Job 33:14 Do not miss out on understanding what God has told us ahead of time, so that we might be prepared.

Join us this camp meeting as we dive deep into the 3 Angels Messages found in Revelation 14, identifying when they were proclaimed, what the messages are, and how they encompass our entire lives physically, mentally and spiritually. The signs are fast fulfilling and the truths giving in the book of Daniel and Revelation are being fulfilled before our eyes. Don’t miss your opportunity to see these prophecies in the clearest light.

Join us in our practical workshop as we see how these messages should affect our physical beings as well as our spiritual. Come August 12-18 to learn what the message is that will soon swell into a loud cry.
Amazing Discoveries Headquarters
3222 Horsefly Rd., 150 Mile House, British Columbia, V0K2G0, Canada
Date & Time
August 12 to August 18, 2024
Adult (16+) Free
Youth (12-15) Free
Child (6-12) Free

All attendants must read and agree to our terms and conditions.
“We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us, and His teaching in our past history."
Ellen G. White - LS 196.2
Join our speakers this year as they dive deep into the 3 Angels Messages and search for our forgotten truths, both spiritually and physically.
MacKenzie Drebit
ASSOCIATE Director & AD Speaker
Passionate about the Bible with his emphasis on prophecy, medical missionary work & country living, Mackenzie desires to equip people spiritually and physically for the events to come. Work with Amazing Discoveries for over 10 years has has assisted in directing the ministry. 
Ron Meinhardt
Ron Meinhardt is a dedicated healthcare professional with a background in nursing and public policy. He has a deep understanding of healthcare systems and the 8 Laws of Health.
With a passion for education and advocacy, Ron shares his expertise on various health-related topics at conferences, seminars, and community events.

Matthew Schanche
reseacher & AD speaker
 Matthew has a passion for understanding current events in the light of Bible prophecy. His search for Truth has lead him to the Bible as the only source for real answers.  Co-Host of Truth Matters and Host of the Prophecy News Report, Matthew shares his research with the world.  
Miguel Larcher 
Plant-based Chef
Miguel is a seasoned plant-based chef with passion to train others to prepare healthy, wholesome food to people. Head chef of many SDA camp meetings, he is able to work under pressure and has a gift for management and can make the kitchen come alive.
Join us for a well rounded experiencing including medical missionary work, farming and homesteading as well as more!
Garden Practical
with Mackenzie Drebit
Join MacKenzie as he takes you through the garden and shows you the tools, implements, oxen power and more! Learn how to raise your own provisions without the use of electric or fuel power machines.  
Healthy Bread Baking
Learn how to make healthy, homemade bread with Chef Miguel! His passion is teaching people and making homemade bread is an essential part of building a healthy body. Don't miss the opportunity! 
Natural Home Remedies
Join Ron as he demonstrates practical home remedies for you and your family to use when ill. God has given us the a tool chest in nature to help our bodies heal, don't miss the opportunity to learn how to use them! 
Scripture Singing
Join Kelly and her daughter Jessica as they teach us a few scripture songs to help us memorize the scripture and keep the Word of God in our heart. All the scripture is King James Version. 
Children's Program
We are happy to be offering a Bible based children's program for your young ones. This year your children will be learning the importance of not forgetting how God has taken care of us in our past and taking the time to thank God for His blessings, mercies and kindness. They will learn how to build their faith though reciting the personal loving kindness of our God and trusting that He will not change in the future no matter the circumstance.

They will also learn about some important prophecies in the Bible showing us that Jesus is coming soon, learning that God has provided the plan for the future for us so that we can not be afraid of things to come.

The children's program is for ages 6-12.
The children's program for ages 2-6 is to be announced.

3222 Horsefly Rd.
150 Mile House, British Columbia, Canada
If you would like to fly to our camp meeting, you are able to fly into Williams Lake Regional Airport (YWL). If you are coming in from an international flight, or from a domestic flight that does not fly directly to Williams Lake, you will first need to fly to Vancouver International Airport (YVR), and then shuttle to South Terminal to board your flight to Williams Lake. Please note that there is about a 45min travel time between Main and South Terminal by bus and you will need to have enough time to first clear customs and gather your bags. Then recheck in at South Terminal a minimum of 45min before your flight.

Regional Airlines include Pacific Coastal Airlines and Central Mountain Air.
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All our meals are 100% plant-based. If you have nut or gluten allergies please specify when you purchase your meal tickets. Meal ticket sales end July 29, 2024
Adult Meal Package
(16+ years)
Breakfast and lunch served from August 13 to 16, 2024. 
Child Meal Package
(7-15 Years)
Breakfast and lunch served  from August 13 to 16, 2024.
Single Meal Ticket Adult
(16+ years)
One ticket for breakfast or lunch. Meals will be served from August 13 to 16, 2024.
Single Meal Ticket Child
(7-15 years)
One ticket for breakfast or lunch. Meals will be served from August 13 to 16, 2024.
Camping Onsite
Our property is open for you to camp! There is a fee of $25 per night. We offer outdoor showers (with hot water), as well as outhouses. Please note that our shower house is small which may cause wait times. We recommend bringing your own camping showers if possible! You are welcome to bring your RV as well for the same price, however, unfortunately, we currently do not have hookup for RVs.

No pets allowed. No camp fires. Please bring portable camp stoves instead. Our water is potable. All campers/ attendants must read and agree to our terms and conditions.
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Hotels, Offsite Accommodations & Shuttle Service
On the map are listed some hotels and Airbnb's in the area. If you would rather stay in a hotel we recommend the following hotels;  
Coast Fraser Inn (250) 398-7055
Best Western (778) 412-9000
Sandman Hotel & Suites (250) 392-6557

There are other campgrounds offsite as well including Dugan Lake Provincial Park and Chief Will-Yum Campsite. Prices and availability may vary.

A shuttle service from the hotels to AD is available though Wise Car Service.

Rates are as follows;
Hotel - AD (round trip) $25.00 per person, per day (Sabbath free) 
Airport - Hotel (one way) $35.00 per group of 4
Airport - AD (one way) $60.00 per group of 4

If you are interested in a shuttle service please fill out this form from Wise Car Service.
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Kelly Browne
Camp Meeting 2023

"Thank you for these wonderful speakers and music, I am strengthened in the LORD! God willing, see you next year, God is with you, stay faithful"

Justine Stanley
Camp Meeting 2023

"Praise God, for Amazing Discoveries and this Camp Meeting."

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